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      Sister Wisdom

      Sister Wisdom


      Album: Miracle Mile

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      Guardian - Sister Wisdom Música y Letra

      Runnin' like a freight train
      Burnin' down the miracle mile
      I was rollin' like a hurricane
      turned my head when I saw her smile
      Well I've been around the world
      and I've seen a lot of things
      but it all seems crazy and don't mean a thing
      Without your love I'm lost in the dark
      (She took a place inside my heart)
      Her fire's burning inside my heart
      In the light she comes to me
      takes the weight of the world from my shoulders
      Turns my eyes to see
      the light in a dark world turning
      Sister Wisdom
      Shine your light on me
      You're hard to find but easy to see
      I gotta tell ya
      I just can't believe
      all the things that you've done for me
      She sings a smoky torch song
      She burns a candle in the night
      Her ways of truth are so strong
      She lifts me up as my life goes by

      Guardian - Sister Wisdom Música y Letra



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