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      Endless Summer

      Endless Summer


      Album: Smashes

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      Guardian - Endless Summer Música y Letra

      I've reached the end
      Of an endless summer
      I just woke up
      From a crazy dream
      I'm getting up
      With my eyes wide open
      And I'm seeing the things
      That my eyes ain't never seen
      Well I heard the bell in the nick of time
      But the green gets greener onthe other side
      Still I ride
      What's a cowboy to do?
      Bronco Billy rides a buck on the go-round
      Got thrown in the corporate hoedown
      Swimming like a fish up the stream
      And he's holding on to a piece of the dream
      Where the bright lights sure ain't all that they seem
      Feels like he's headin' for the fall
      It's said that money talks
      And I'll not deny
      I heard it once, it said goodbye
      Oh Lord, I've got to put my trust in You
      Came a whisper that we're playin' the fools
      You can't win when they're changing the rules
      And I'm ready to wish on a star
      Yes I know Lord you've brought me this far
      And I've learned that it's only You
      Who can change my attitude
      Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction
      What we do
      What we say
      It's like the east and the west
      And the north and the south
      And the black and the white
      And the day and the night
      Childhood just like springtime
      Eternal youth all summer long
      Can I make it in the harvest
      When winter's done that's all

      Guardian - Endless Summer Música y Letra



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