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      Come Home

      Come Home

      Hezekiah Walker

      Album: Live In New York By Any Means

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      Hezekiah Walker - Come Home Música y Letra

      So you say that you're not ready
      You'll be coming in just a little while
      Day by day you ask him for forgiveness
      For you know that you are really his child
      You say that you'll be back tomorrow You Take a chance and you gamble with faith
      Because when you come back tomorrow 
      It jst may already be too late
      Come Home
      How can you refuse your Father's calling
      You to a better life in him
      How cxan you refuse your Father's at the door
      Waiting for you to come in
      And he is standing there with outstretched hands 
      To embrace you as his own
      How can you refuse your Father wants you to come home
      Others have left you all alone
      But he'll never leave you on his own
      In his word that is shown
      On the Father, he'll still be there to wipe your eyes
      Why, because the Father, he wants you to come home
      Oh, Oh, come home, come home
      He wants you to (Repeat)
      Lord, I'm coming, Lord, I'm coming
      I'm coming home (repeat)
      Come home, come home (repeat)

      Hezekiah Walker - Come Home Música y Letra



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