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      Album: More Than Life

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      Hillsong - Soldier Música y Letra

      Can't nobody stop me now
      Cause i'm part of the army now
      Praise the LORD is what i wanna shout
      Even in a crowd i'm gonna sing it Loud
      You can see what you want to see
      But i know what he's done for me
      Every day i can feel his power
      'Cause the spirit of the Lord
      He lifts me higher
      All the world, can't stop, can't stop him
      All the world, can't stop, can't stop him now
      My God is the strongest tower
      Turn to him in the scary hour
      Even when it gets harder now
      All i wanna do is just praise him louder
      Keep singing 'til my voice run out
      Keep running til he lifts me out
      keep singing it cause i can't stop
      Oh, i can't stop
      You got the give yourself up
      You got to lose your pride
      You got to see it different
      Open up your spiritual eyes
      The devil wants you beaten
      He wants you lying, cheating
      But that won't last much longer
      My dad is bigger, stronger
      Sound off, 1, 2 Sound off 3, 4
      Bring it on down, 1, 2, 3, 4... 1, 2....3, 4

      Hillsong - Soldier Música y Letra



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