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      Love Out Loud

      Love Out Loud

      Jaci Velasquez

      Album: Love Out Loud

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      Jaci Velasquez - Love Out Loud Música y Letra

      Hear the cry, tearful eyes
      Can't deny and wish it all away (whoa)
      Will the pain ever change?
      If we save love for another day (whoa)
      This is the time
      For us to see the vision
      Now is the time
      To break the silence and
      Love out loud
      Let your loving be your voice
      (Everybody,come on now)
      Love out loud
      Together we can make some noise
      Love out loud
      Without Fear
      Sing a song and let the whole world hear
      Love out loud
      Be His hands, be His feet
      Be the people we are called to be (whoa)
      Take His love to the streets
      Show compassion to a soul in need (whoa)
      This is the time to break the silence and
      Hush, listen to my heart
      Can you hear me crying out
      Willing to believe
      That touch, is loving more than words
      It's living out for all to see the light that shines through me
      Love out Loud, everybody come on now

      Jaci Velasquez - Love Out Loud Música y Letra



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