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      Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper)

      Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper)

      Jason Gray

      Album: Christmas Stories Repeat the Sounding Joy

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      Jason Gray - Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper) Música y Letra

      I found them standing in my door
      In the clumsy silence of the poor
      I've got no time for precious things
      But at least they won't be wandering
      If they're sleeping on my stable floor
      There were no rooms to rent tonight
      The only empty bed is mine
      ‘Cause I’m overbooked and overrun
      With so many things that must be done
      Until I’m numb and running blind
      I need rest, I need rest
      Lost inside a forest of a million trees
      Trying to find my way back to me
      I need rest
      As a boy I heard the old men sing
      About a Kingdom and a coming King
      But keeping books and changing beds
      Put a different song inside my head
      And the melody is deafening
      I need rest, I need rest
      Like a drowning man in the open sea
      I need somebody to rescue me
      I need rest
      To Rome we’re only names and numbers
      Not souls in search of signs and wonders
      But we're waiting for the day of our salvation
      The messiah who will be our liberation
      We’re waiting, I’m waiting
      I need rest, I need rest
      Oh come oh come Emmanuel
      With a sword deliver Israel
      I need rest
      Tonight I can’t get any sleep
      With those shepherds shouting in the streets
      A star is shining much too bright
      Somewhere I hear a baby cry
      And all I want is a little peace

      Jason Gray - Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper) Música y Letra



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