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      Return To Me

      Return To Me

      Jason Upton

      Album: Great River Road

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      Jason Upton - Return To Me Música y Letra

      What have I done wrong 
      Was it something that I said 
      Was it something that you wanted 
      Was it something I withheld
      What could be the reason that 
      You'd turn and walk away 
      Where could you be going 
      Are you coming back someday
      My heart is slowly breaking 
      But one question still remains 
      How long will I be waiting 
      To see you here again
      I love you and I still believe 
      That you will love me too 
      I love you if you return to me 
      I will return to you
      To this place where I last saw you 
      I've returned a thousand times 
      A thousand tears have fallen 
      A thousand dreams have died
      But I believe the day is dawning 
      I'll see you coming down the road 
      I've had a ring made for your finger 
      and the servants made a robe 
      And the calf has been made ready 
      Our favorite feast is overdue 
      Cause one chair at the table 
      Is empty without you

      Jason Upton - Return To Me Música y Letra



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