Mis Listas de Música
      1. Die Rich (Ft Ray Emmanuel)

      2. Make That Turn (feat. Ben) Album My Diary

      3. Sideways (feat. Lecrae) Album Tomorrow We Live

      4. My Only Sin Album My Only Sin

      5. El Musica (Blackmans Bano Mix)

      6. Washed Up Album All In

      7. Doctor (feat. Tyce & Chef 187) Album My Diary

      8. Introducing My Rhythm Album My Rhythm

      9. Hello Album Weight And Glory

      10. Run Album My Only Sin

      11. Smile (feat. Judy) Album My Diary

      12. El Musica (Strauss Physical Dub)

      13. Moni Fere Album My Rhythm

      14. Zone Out Album Weight And Glory

      15. One for Me Album Thankful

      16. Overtime (feat. Kevflow Dollas) Album Pregame

      17. Jook Killa Album #Freevybz

      18. Open Letter (Battlefield) [feat. Album Weight And Glory

      19. Music-You've Made Me Album My Rhythm

      20. Burg Park Album Summer Beats

      21. Day Album My Rhythm

      22. Yanka Phone (Ft T Sean) Album My Diary

      23. Celebrate Your Life Album Ke Mosadi

      24. I Think About You Album My Only Sin

      25. All I Know Album Worst Kept Secret

      26. Balakumona Easy Album Thankful

      27. Fake Love Album All In

      28. Jen's Story Album Worst Kept Secret

      29. PJ Tucker Album Summer Beats

      30. Ballin' Album All In

      31. Black Roses Album Worst Kept Secret

      32. Ubatumileko Album Thankful

      33. Sorry Album Thankful

      34. Seasons Of Life Album My Rhythm

      35. Ro Yangu Album Thankful

      36. Drowning Album Tomorrow We Live

      37. Freestyle Album Tryna Get Rich or Die Tryin

      38. Healang Basadi Album My Rhythm

      39. 1520 Sedgwick Avenue Album Worst Kept Secret

      40. Tate Tribute Album Tryna Get Rich or Die Tryin

      41. How to Feel Album All In

      42. Give Away Di Pum Pum Album #Freevybz

      43. One Day At A Time Album My Rhythm

      44. Lights Go Out (feat. Blanca & Justin) Album Tomorrow We Live

      45. The Process Album Summer Beats

      46. Determination Album Thankful

      47. Touch Album #Freevybz

      48. Gotta Go Album My Rhythm

      49. Fall in Love Album Tomorrow We Live

      50. Don't Leave My Life Album The Chains Are Broken

      51. Crowns & Thorns (Oceans) Album Tomorrow We Live

      52. Billboard Album Thankful

      53. Angels (feat. Flame) Album Weight And Glory

      54. Save Me Album Tomorrow We Live

      55. My Comeback Girl Album My Only Sin

      56. I Broke My Angel Album My Only Sin

      57. Wina Analila (feat. Petersen & Lady Rozay) Album My Diary

      58. Mother Help Me Album My Only Sin

      59. Soda Album #Freevybz

      60. Try To Love Again Album My Only Sin

      61. Starter Kit Album Tryna Get Rich or Die Tryin

      62. Dream Album Ke Mosadi

      63. Hold Me Back

      64. Weight Music Album Weight And Glory

      65. Who You Know (feat. Kevflow Dollas) Album Pregame

      66. Turn up (Ft Cleo Ice Queen & Urban Hype) Album My Diary

      67. Dirty Album Tryna Get Rich or Die Tryin

      68. Mr. Pretender Album Weight And Glory

      69. Moni Album Thankful

      70. Without You Album The Chains Are Broken

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