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      Why (with stevie wonder)

      Why (with stevie wonder)

      Kirk Franklin

      Album: Hero

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      Kirk Franklin - Why (with stevie wonder) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1]
      I pledge allegiance to the (tell me what we gon' do)
      I used to know you but (you don't call like you used to)
      If you still love me can I
      (give me a chance just to say how I feel, it may hurt you but what I'm seeing is real)
      We're killing babies and (I love to see chil dren play)
      I've got depression (there's a new pill I saw today)
      How hypocritical to
      (nothing is wrong take a picture and just smile money's coming after while)
      [Chorus 1]
      Why Oh Why [2x] we keep believing lies, did Laci have to die
      Why Oh Why, Lord tell me when our change is gon' come
      [Verse 2]
      There are no fathers and (the system's holding me down)
      Sisters are dying of AIDS (I know my man don't sleep around)
      Don't be stupid listen (we all gon' die. And since you only live once, you do you, you go head, live your life)
      We're building churches but (my pastor is on TV)
      But are we building people (I filed for divorce last week)
      We're wasting money tell me (why should I save? Let me have my worldly things; God said He'll supply my needs)
      (that ain't what he means)
      [Chorus 2]
      Why Oh Why [2x] can't our soldiers come back home
      It seems like innocence is gone
      Are people still losing their jobs
      We're spending money building bombs
      Free, I just wanna be free
      [Verse 3]
      Wake up no more sleeping (seems like my life ain't gon' change)
      Let's stop making excuses (I pray but things still stay the same)
      See Jesus said that He will (please take this pain, I can't make it on my own, ain't no sunshine when
      You're gone)
      (2 nd Why)
      Why oh Why [4x] Don't we give you a chance
      Put our life in Your hands
      Are we afraid to say Your name
      Is it because we want the fame
      Did my homeboy have to take his life
      That homeless man's outside tonight
      When trouble comes we wanna pray
      Our country pushes You away

      Kirk Franklin - Why (with stevie wonder) Música y Letra




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