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      Peace Song

      Peace Song

      Kye Kye

      Album: Young Love

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      Kye Kye - Peace Song Música y Letra

      Garden full of the brightest range of colors, oh the sight is something I know
      room full of family and friends, hear the laughter ?oh this sound is something I know
      familiar roads with my windows rolled down ?oh the smell is something I know 
      but you gave life so not the way I thought
      you gave love so not the way I knew
      There is no weeping, 
      there is no sorrow, 
      you’re holding me now ?there’s no rules to follow
        I know who you are now 
      i’m running a different way
      so overwhelmed 
      by you Jesus
      Eleven years old there was pride running my shoulder
      was a brick too hard to break
      resisting the cold she’s a young and humble mother
      in a park she sits and waits
      but when I looked into her eyes guess what I recognized
      a love too strong to fake it
      love you waited so patiently
      for all this to finally hit me

      Kye Kye - Peace Song Música y Letra




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