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      Under The Eye

      Under The Eye

      Larry Norman

      Album: Stranded In Babylon

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      Larry Norman - Under The Eye Música y Letra

      When I was alone, all on my own
      I'd sit myself down and take a look around
      I'd think about my life, all the trouble and strife
      And the things which went wrong and lasted so long
      When I was feeling bad, maybe lonely and sad
      I'd put my hands to my head and wonder where life led.
      And where I was going to when my journey was through
      But meanwhile up high I was always under the Eye.
      The mystery of love, the push and the shove
      Of friendship betrayed, of plans I mislaid,
      The oceans I crossed, the things that I lost
      And the world in my hand as dreams turned to sand.
      All the agony of pride of emotion that died
      Like a statue of stone, I thought I was all alone
      Oh but that was just a lie, darkness magnified,
      'Cause somewhere up high, I was always under the eye.
      I shouldered my load, then I took off down the road
      I drove in my car, and I played my guitar, mon.
      I crashed in a plane, I really damaged my brain
      And then I layed in my bed with all this music in my head.
      The years have rolled by, I've watched the past die
      But feelings remained like mercy much strained.
      Like a seed left unsown, like a leaf that was blown
      Like a man who was blind, there was a lock on my mind.
      Then a man came to me and he held out the key
      And the lock hinge was blown, I had never been alone
      Yeah, that ws just a lie, darkness magnified
      And though I was not away, all the time my Father was there.

      Larry Norman - Under The Eye Música y Letra



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