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      Got Paper

      Got Paper


      Album: Rebel

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      Lecrae - Got Paper Música y Letra

      These brothas passin' me and they all rollin' fly Coups
      They throw some D's on it but they still ain't got truth
      They blow they cheese on it then they die and what's the use?
      I'm so secure in Jesus all I want in life is fruit
      Don't need no fast money, don't need a fast car
      Yeah the faith is a race but it ain't a NASCAR
      And you and God got beef cause you keep
      Chasin' money like them hundreds got feet
      Buddy wanna be rich but even 50 done said
      That he still feel broke even though he got bread
      Make 'em throw away they life, got 'em runnin' from the feds
      Love of money's like crack, both of 'em will leave you dead
      When you die and face God, nothin' left to be said
      Instead of chasin' the truth, you take a lie to the head
      Homie all I can do is tell you what Jesus said
      Repent and turn from your sin cause the kingdom of God's at hand
      That's real
      Got money, got paper
      So what who cares?
      Got money, got paper
      I got Jesus baby!
      People want they cheese, American mozzerella
      The enemy's rat trap might snap any second
      I'm like that dude in Matthew who after finding a treasure
      Gave all he had to get it, that's a real go-getta
      The 13 letters, the Torah,Ggospel and prophets
      You'll never see the soul of prophets chasin' a profit
      Now look at 1 Timothy 6, it's so clear
      You chase the money and wind up in a snare
      Now a vow of poverty, no, it's not there
      But you pursue God, the rest, He takes care
      You don't step on His back in order to get rich
      If you do then you're in sin and ordered to repent
      You come to Christ for God, you come to Daddy for worship
      He ain't take that cross to fund your vanity purchase
      Even though we all agree that death is certain
      It seems we believe there's banks beyond earth
      That's crazy
      Money, dough, cash, paper
      If it was a woman, I promise I used to date her
      Now that we broke up she be callin' ya boy a hater
      Cause all I do is use her for glorifyin' my Maker
      My treasure's up in Heaven, Christ is my satisfaction
      If I was broke I'd be richer than folks who never had Him
      God is the Gospel, not a new Bentley
      Was empty and He gave me life and that's plenty
      Get me, homie I could spend six centuries
      Simply saying I'm satisfied in the sensie
      And it's sickenin' that knowin' God ain't good enough
      We gotta tell 'em they can get rich quickly
      Now this is heresy, false, it's not true
      2nd Corinthians chapter 8 and verse 2
      Read that and please believe that
      Forget a c-note, man, they pockets was e-flat
      They still had joy

      Lecrae - Got Paper Música y Letra



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