Mis Listas de Música
      1. Awesome Album Welcome America

      2. Can't Live Without You Album Mad Max

      3. Starcroosed lovers Album Night of Passion

      4. Show no mercy Album Night of Passion

      5. Working Overtime Album Mad Max

      6. Big Wheel Album Welcome America

      7. High On Wheels Album Here We Are

      8. Neverending Nightmare Album Never Say Never

      9. Burning the Stage Album Night of Passion

      10. Bad Day In Heaven Album Night of The White Rock

      11. Dive trough the sky Album Night of Passion

      12. Back And Alive Album Another Night Of Passion

      13. My Heart's Been Waiting Album Welcome America

      14. Wild and seventeen Album Night of Passion

      15. All I Ever Want Album Welcome America

      16. Don't Talk It Over Album Here We Are

      17. Hearts on fire Album Night of Passion

      18. Shout and Cry Album Rollin' Thunder

      19. Nowhere Town Album Never Say Never

      20. True Blue Album Another Night Of Passion

      21. Shine On You (bonus track) Album White Sands

      22. Glorious Night Album White Sands

      23. Brand New World Album Never Say Never

      24. Shake Some Action Album Mad Max

      25. Metal Edge Album Another Night Of Passion

      26. Thoughts of a Dying Man Album Rollin' Thunder

      27. Womanizer Album Never Say Never

      28. Hard Days Lonely Nights Album Mad Max

      29. Restless Survivor Album Stormchild

      30. Fever Of Love Album Another Night Of Passion

      31. Mad Gone Blind Album Here We Are

      32. Pinky Promise Album Welcome America

      33. Fox on the run Album Night of Passion

      34. Someone Like You Album White Sands

      35. Wait for the night Album Night of Passion

      36. Whell Of Fortune Album Mad Max

      37. Love Walks Lonely Album Here We Are

      38. Love Chains Album Stormchild

      39. Koma Album Never Say Never

      40. Evil Message Album Rollin' Thunder

      41. Criminal Religion Album Never Say Never

      42. Down To Babylon Album Here We Are

      43. Night Of White Rock Album Night of The White Rock

      44. Unbelievable Album Night of The White Rock

      45. Someone Not Me Album Welcome America

      46. Family Of Rock Album White Sands

      47. Free Will Album Mad Max

      48. Run For The Night Album Stormchild

      49. Luvia Album White Sands

      50. Rocklahoma Album Another Night Of Passion

      51. Never Say Never Album Stormchild

      52. Tightrope Album Never Say Never

      53. Black Swan Album Another Night Of Passion

      54. Stop One Minute Album Here We Are

      55. 40 Rock Album Another Night Of Passion

      56. Sun Album Night of The White Rock

      57. Your Sincerely Album Rollin' Thunder

      58. Night of passion Album Night of Passion

      59. Losing You Album Rollin' Thunder

      60. Upon My Soul Album Night of The White Rock

      61. Riding Through the Night Album Rollin' Thunder

      62. War Album White Sands

      63. R.I.P Album Night of Passion

      64. Dead and Gone Album Never Say Never

      65. Say Goodbye To Hollywood Album Here We Are

      66. How deep Album Here We Are

      67. Mister Cool Album Never Say Never

      68. This Means Nothin' Album Welcome America

      69. Voices In The Night Album Stormchild

      70. Love loaded Album Night of Passion

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