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      1. Allusions From The Valley Of Darkness Album Post Momentary Affliction

      2. Butchered Mutilation (bonus Track Recorded 1993) Album Break The Curse

      3. Dark Allusions Album Blood World

      4. Hammer of God Album Hammer Of God

      5. Scrolls Of The Megilloth Album Scrolls Of The Megilloth

      6. Metal Crusade (instrumental veMortification Album Hammer Of God

      7. Access Denied Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      8. Chapel of Hope Album EnVision EvAngelene

      9. I am A Revolutionary Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      10. Peace in the Galaxy Album EnVision EvAngelene

      11. Nothern Storm Album EnVision EvAngelene

      12. Dead Man Walking Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      13. Louder Than the Devil Album Brain Cleaner (Re-Issue)

      14. Standing At The Door Of Death Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      15. Short Circuit Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      16. 12 Men Album Brain Cleaner (Re-Issue)

      17. Brutal Warfare Album Mortification

      18. J.G.S.H. Album Blood World

      19. Black Lion Of The Mind Album Post Momentary Affliction

      20. No Return Album Mortification

      21. New Beginning Album Break The Curse

      22. Overseer Album Post Momentary Affliction

      23. Influence Album Triumph Of Mercy

      24. Killing Evil Album Primitive Rhythm Machine

      25. Metal Blessing Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      26. Human Condition Album Post Momentary Affliction

      27. The Dead Shall Be Judged Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      28. Intro Album Relentless (Re-Issue)

      29. The Destroyer Beholds Album Mortification

      30. Break The Curse Album Mortification

      31. Humanitarian Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      32. Providence Album Primitive Rhythm Machine

      33. Your Life Album Blood World

      34. Bonus Track Album Post Momentary Affliction

      35. Livin' like a Zombie Album Brain Cleaner (Re-Issue)

      36. Impulsation Album Post Momentary Affliction

      37. Way Truth Life Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      38. Journey Of Reconciliation Album Break The Curse

      39. God Rulz Album Hammer Of God

      40. Forged In Stone Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      41. Sensitive Nerve Endings Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      42. Buried into Obscurity Album EnVision EvAngelene

      43. Inflamed Album Scrolls Of The Megilloth

      44. Liberal Mediocrity Album Hammer Of God

      45. Satan's Doom Album Mortification

      46. Flight Of Victory Album Post Momentary Affliction

      47. Visited by an Angel Album Hammer Of God

      48. 40 31 Album Primitive Rhythm Machine

      49. Love Song Album Blood World

      50. Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

      51. EnVision EvAngelene in 8 parts Album EnVision EvAngelene

      52. Ride the Light Album Hammer Of God

      53. Clan Of The Light Album Blood World

      54. Lock Up the Night Album Hammer Of God

      55. Extreme Conditions Album Hammer Of God

      56. Raise The Chalice Album Scrolls Of The Megilloth

      57. Starlight Album Blood World

      58. Sorrow Album Relentless (Re-Issue)

      59. At War With War Album Triumph Of Mercy

      60. Blood Sacrifice Album Break The Curse

      61. The Silver Cord Is Severed Album The Silver Cord Is Severed

      62. Bathed In Blood Album Mortification

      63. Apocalyptic Terror Album Relentless (Re-Issue)

      64. Web Of Fire Album Relentless (Re-Issue)

      65. Welcome To The Palodrome Album Triumph Of Mercy

      66. Altar Of God Album Relentless (Re-Issue)

      67. Noah was a Knower Album EnVision EvAngelene

      68. Eternal Lamentation Album Scrolls Of The Megilloth

      69. Symbiosis Album Blood World

      70. Your Time Album Erasing The Goblin (Re-Issue)

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