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      Such A Wonder

      Such A Wonder

      Natalie Grant

      Album: Stronger

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      Natalie Grant - Such A Wonder Música y Letra

      It's a wonder how the supernatural,
      Joined Himself to clay.
      How eternity would choose a cradle,
      Made of dirt and hay.
      How the only One who had it all,
      Gave all there was to give.
      How the breath of Him whose seen forever,
      Made the dead to live!
      It's such a wonder,
      Such a crazy mystery;
      You chose to love someone like me!
      And I will never understand.
      This endless wonder,
      The hand that formed the sky and sea;
      Carries me eternally!
      And I'm so amazed,
      You're such a wonder!
      The word that sent the sunbeams shooting,
      Filled my world with light!
      The God who lit the stars of Heaven,
      Gave my eyes new site.
      Though my human weaknesses,
      They always keep me on my knees.
      The heartbeat of my Father's heart,
      Still beats strong in me

      Natalie Grant - Such A Wonder Música y Letra



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