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      Intro 2

      Intro 2


      Album: Therapy Session

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      NF - Intro 2 Música y Letra

      I'm back, did anyone miss me?
      They said the second record can be tricky
      Well that's kind of funny cause I am not tripping
      My fans, they know what it is and they with me
      Yeah, I ain't the type that's gon' ride with the semi
      I came from a town with three lights and no city
      I've been doing shows for nothing but pennies
      When I leave the stage, they never forget me
      Mansion was a glimpse of my life
      I let you see what it's like to be in my head
      People ask me what I think I think I be doin'
      If it wasn't music, I'd rather be dead
      You know what I said, that was like me at a 3, you don’t want to see me at 10
      Or maybe you do
      I promise if that is the case, then that is what you're gonna get
      If you're looking for music with watered down lyrics, I promise that you need to go somewhere else
      And if you want somebody to tell you everything that you wanna hear I won't be any help
      This flow is familiar. I think I heard it before
      Oh yeah, I made it myself
      I left the door open to come in my mansion but I never said it's a beautiful house
      Some of ya'll sat on the porch
      Looked at my windows and stared at my door
      They ask me if I'm going to kill it this record
      I laugh in their face and I ask 'em, "Do you see the blood on the floor? "
      He's at it again, NF is crazy he's bad for the kids
      He never talks about nothing but him
      Yeah, my friends say, "He's kind of a diva. "
      Well, you need to get some new friends
      I'm as chill as it gets
      'Till I get on the stage and flip on the switch
      And I go to a place where nobody is
      If you bring up my name in a song, that's something that you will regret
      I learned a lot in a year
      I remember the shows when no one was there
      I remember the shows when nobody cared
      Some people in front of me laughing like: He isn't going nowhere
      It's funny now, isn't it?
      This type of life isn't how I envisioned it
      This type of life, it just ain't how I pictured it
      I'm in the back of the tour bus, trying to FaceTime my family. It's different
      Not what you think it is
      Write a review, tell me what you think of this
      Give me three stars and call me and idiot
      But to be honest, it don't make a difference
      I know some people don't get it
      But you have now entered a Therapy Session
      If you don't like music that's personal, I have no clue what you people are doing here
      Might as well throw out the record
      I pull up a chair
      I talk to my music like nobody's there
      Only person I judge is the one in the mirror
      And lately, he ain't doing well–I don't need ya'll in my ear
      I'm tired of hearing it
      You call it music, I call her my therapist
      She keeps on telling me I have been carrying way too much baggage, I need to take care of it
      I know she's right, but man it’s embarrassing
      Music has raised me more than my parent did
      Take out a picture of us and I stare at it
      Who am I kidding? You probably ain't hearing this
      Show me an artist you want to compare me with
      You put us both on a track, Imma bury 'em
      Give me this shovel, it’s 'bout to get scarier
      None of you want it with rap who you staring at?
      I see you got beats, but where is the lyrics at?
      NF is the logo, you know I been wearing that
      Don't come to my show and be sittin' that's very bad
      I call you out in the crowd like, "There he is! "
      I thought I’d be happy. It feels like I'm cursed
      It's hard to be clean when you play in the dirt
      You gave me this place to go when I'm hurting
      I thought it'd get better, but it's getting worse
      And I got nobody to blame when I work, like 24/7
      I ain't been to church, and Satan keep callin' me, he tryin' to flirt
      I hang up the phone, these are more than just words
      I drive on that highway and listen to Mansion
      I look up to God like: When did this happen?
      Yelling with all of my fans to wake up
      But feel like I haven't
      I get emotional. I didn't plan this
      I'm doing things I never imagined
      I'm sorry but I gotta leave
      I don't wanna be late for my therapy session

      NF - Intro 2 Música y Letra



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