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      Family Tree

      Family Tree

      Nicole C Mullen

      Album: Nicole C Mullen

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      Nicole C Mullen - Family Tree Música y Letra

      He was
      A beautiful shade of chocolate
      She was
      A beautiful shade of red
      And under the watchful eyes of heaven
      Afro Indian girl boy were wed
      Little did they know
      So long ago
      Flowers would come
      From the seed they'd sown
      Yeah, little did they know
      What would come to be 
      A forest would grow
      From the soil and the seed
      And these are the branches 
      In my family tree
      Napoleon, Betsy, Isaac, Eloise
      Under their branches
      I can feel a breeze
      Where the leaves from the trees
      Make a canopy for me to
      Live in the shade, yeah
      The leaves from their trees
      Made a canopy for me
      To live in the shade...
      I wanna thank you
      Cause you took the heat for me
      You took the heat for me...

      Nicole C Mullen - Family Tree Música y Letra



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