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      Super Honeymoon

      Super Honeymoon

      Owl City

      Album: Maybe I'm Dreaming

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      Owl City - Super Honeymoon Música y Letra

      Glamour and fashion
      Models and magazines... a striking runway entrance
      Beauty and passion
      Stardust and high class scenes of popular teens
      When I lived in Denver, I met a millionaire
      With ribbons in her blonde hair
      I still remember
      She was like a princess straight from a dreamy castle in the air
      So lovely...
      She was everything to me
      Both alone in the dark
      We long to see the sun
      Rise over the Bering Strait
      I was sick of the west
      When I turned 21
      So I moved to the Sunshine State
      We played golf on the moon
      And tennis on the sun
      Like athletes of the afternoon
      The solar flares burned my arms
      And made her makeup run
      On our super lunar honeymoon
      I was the youngest son of a congressman
      And everything was my fault...
      She was a gymnast, happily swinging
      On the uneven bars, tucked in a somersault

      Owl City - Super Honeymoon Música y Letra



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