Mis Listas de Música
      1. Surviving The Game Album Dominion

      2. Terrify the Dark Album Victorious

      3. Legendary Album Victorious

      4. Alien Youth Album Alien Youth

      5. Awake And Alive (The Quickening) Album Awake And Remixed

      6. Best Kept Secret (Live) Album Comatose Comes Alive

      7. Sing To The Lord (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      8. You Take My Rights Away Album Invincible

      9. Fire And Fury Album Rise

      10. Angels Fall Down (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      11. Whispers In The Dark Album Comatose

      12. American Noise Album Rise

      13. Energy Album Collide

      14. Vapor Album Alien Youth

      15. Awake And Alive Album Awake

      16. Collide (Live) Album Comatose Comes Alive

      17. Eating Me Anyway Album Alien Youth

      18. Falling Inside the Black Album Comatose

      19. Rebirthing (Acoustic) Album Comatose

      20. My Obsession Album Collide

      21. Not Gonna Die Album Rise

      22. Who Is Like Our God (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      23. Whispers In The Dark (Live) Album Comatose Comes Alive

      24. Whispers In The Dark (Acoustic) Album Comatose

      25. What I Believe Album Rise

      26. Heaven In My Veins Album Rare Cuts

      27. Madness In Me Album Rise

      28. Saturn Album Skillet

      29. Better Than Drugs Album Comatose

      30. Each Other Album Invincible

      31. Open Wounds Album Collide

      32. How Deep The Father's Love (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      33. Paint Album Skillet

      34. Monster (Unleash The Beast) Album Awake And Remixed

      35. Locked In a Cage Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      36. Hard To Find Album Rise

      37. Splinter Album Skillet

      38. Yours To Hold (Live) Album Comatose Comes Alive

      39. Always The Same Album Rare Cuts

      40. The Older I Get Album Comatose

      41. The Fire Breathes Album Invincible

      42. Cycle Down Album Collide

      43. Jesus Be Glorified (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      44. Boundaries Album Skillet

      45. Scarecrow Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      46. Hey You, I Love Your Soul Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      47. Sick Of It Album Rise

      48. Take Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      49. Fingernails Album Collide

      50. Rebirthing Album Comatose

      51. Best Kept Secret Album Invincible

      52. Rebirthing (Live) Album Comatose Comes Alive

      53. The Last Night Album Comatose

      54. The One Album Invincible

      55. Imperfection Album Collide

      56. Will You Be There Album Alien Youth

      57. You Thought Album Skillet

      58. Coming Down Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      59. Safe With You Album Skillet

      60. The Last Night (iTunes Session) Album iTunes Session

      61. Hero (The Legion Of Doom Remix) Album Awake And Remixed

      62. Forsaken Album Collide

      63. Jesus, Jesus (Holy And Anointed One) (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      64. Come On to the Future Album Invincible

      65. We're Thirsty (Live) Album Ardent Worship

      66. More Faithful Album Hey You, I Love Your Soul

      67. You're Powerful Album Invincible

      68. Rest Album Invincible

      69. Say Goodbye (Acoustic) Album Comatose

      70. Say It Loud Album Invincible

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