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      Embrace The Cross

      Embrace The Cross

      Steve Green

      Album: The Mission

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      Steve Green - Embrace The Cross Música y Letra

      I am crucified with Christ
      Therefore I no longer live
      Jesus Christ now lives in me
      (Repeat twice)
      Embrace the cross
      Where Jesus suffered
      Though it will cost
      All you claim as yours
      Your sacrifice will seem small
      Beside the treasure
      Eternity can't measure
      What Jesus holds in store
      Embrace the love
      The cross requires
      Cling to the one
      Whose heart knew every pain
      Receive from Jesus
      Fountains of compassion
      Only He can fashion
      Your heart to move as His
      Oh, wondrous cross our desires rest in you
      Lord Jesus make us bolder
      To face with courage the shame and disgrace
      You bore upon Your shoulder
      Embrace the life
      That comes from dying
      Come trace the steps
      The Savior walked for you
      An empty tomb
      Concludes Golgotha's sorrow
      Endure then till tomorrow
      Your cross of suffering
      Embrace the cross
      Embrace the cross
      The cross of Jesus

      Steve Green - Embrace The Cross Música y Letra




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