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      Consider it done

      Consider it done

      Steven Curtis Chapman

      Album: Real Life Conversations

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      Steven Curtis Chapman - Consider it done Música y Letra

      Sometimes you wanna laugh, sometimes you wanna cry;
      You're just not good enough no matter how hard you try,
      So you go on, but do you know something's wrong.
      You meant it when you asked Him in down on your knees;
      Somehow you lost the thrill and thrills are what you need,
      To let you know where you're gonna go.
      You struggle on trying to earn what He's given you.
      You struggle on; He died to give it, what more can you do.
      So consider it, consider it done;
      The prize you're fighting for is already won.
      So consider it, consider it done;
      You'll find His work's just begun
      When you consider it done.
      God helps the ones who help themselves, some people say,
      But are we helping out or getting in His way.
      He wants our best and Hell do the rest;
      It's by His grace we're saved,
      Not by the things we do,
      So we've got to serve Him with a thankful attitude
      And let Him know where He leads we'll go.
      From this day on our hope's in Jesus and His work's complete.
      From this day on, He makes His experience our history.

      Steven Curtis Chapman - Consider it done Música y Letra




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