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      Hide in the Fairytale

      Hide in the Fairytale


      Album: As The World Bleeds

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      Theocracy - Hide in the Fairytale Música y Letra

      For innocence? Or slavery to nature
      And the bents that haunt him straight out of the womb?
      He doesn’t have to learn the things unseemly that his instinct brings
      To carry like a burden from the cradle to the tomb
      You’ll never have to teach him how to lie
      If we are born in innocence, well, don’t you wonder why?
      For selfishness already dwells inside
      The birthright of Adam, the curse of the old man
      Day and night
      Jekyll and Hyde in the fairytale
      This is much more frightening
      Darkness and light
      Feed the new man and tear the veil
      See the old man dying
      Behold the loving family man
      Who tries to do the best he can
      And loves his wife and children even more than his own life
      But just like that, a wandering eye leads to a suffocating lie
      And selfishness and deep betrayal cuts them like a knife
      If mankind doesn’t have a sinful drive
      Then tell me why he’d wreck his life to get some on the side?
      The warring of two natures deep inside
      Starving the new keeps the old man alive
      Soulsickness nailed to a cross
      [Solo: Jon]
      [Solo: Val]
      [Harmonies: Val and Jon]
      Humankind in innocence, a lie so thinly veiled
      Man born without Soulsickness: this is the fairytale
      Hide in the fairytale

      Theocracy - Hide in the Fairytale Música y Letra




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