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      Start somewhere

      Start somewhere

      Toby Mac

      Album: Tonight

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      Toby Mac - Start somewhere Música y Letra

      Last night, everything was movin' so fast
      I could barely keep track
      Oh, of my offenses or your defenses
      In hindsight, I woulda, coulda, shoulda not gone there
      But left without a word to spare
      Was it your offenses or my defensiveness?
      That's got me thinkin' that we're never gonna get it right
      I wanna straighten this before the sun goes down tonight
      If I could only fight the bitterness I feel inside
      This thing is eatin' me alive
      Well I'm right here
      And you're right there
      And God knows we've got to start somewhere
      'Cause I'm messed up
      And you're broken
      And those shots we fired are still smokin'
      I'm tossin' and turnin' on the things I'd undo
      As I wrestle with the painful truth
      Oh, my sleep escapes me as guilt berates me
      Exhausted, the memories are drawing so near
      I can see it like a world premiere
      When did my objective lose all objectiveness?
      If I need you, and you need me
      How can you turn your back and just leave me?
      When I'm right here, and you're right there
      And God knows we've got to start somewhere
      I said some things that I regret
      And if I could, I'd take 'em back
      If I could turn my words around
      You wouldn't hear a sound
      But here I am, and there you are
      The space between us is not so far
      I'm reaching out my hand in love
      Before the fading sun, forgive me for what I've done
      Hey, hey
      The gun shot's gotta go, man.
      That's it. I mean, enough is enough. Good grief

      Toby Mac - Start somewhere Música y Letra




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