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      Wait For Your Rain

      Wait For Your Rain

      Todd Agnew

      Album: Grace Like Rain

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      Todd Agnew - Wait For Your Rain Música y Letra

      I cannot believe I'm this dirty
      I'm ashamed to even ask to be clean
      I can't think of anyone less worthy
      I have nothing to offer or bring
      I throw myself on Your mercy
      I throw myself at Your feet
      I throw my filth on the grace of One whose
      beauty is beyond me
      And I wait
      And I wait
      I'm not even sure how I got here
      Wandered to this darkness from Your light
      I still remember walking in the garden with You
      Now I'm just stumbling through this night
      I wait for Your rain to fall
      The waves of Your grace to wash over me
      I wait for Your rain to fall
      Strange how forgiveness comes so easily
      When I call Your name
      And wait for Your rain
      Lord this desert is killing me
      My throat's dry from screaming Your name
      I want to come home but the sands of time surround me
      The dirt's finally covered my shame

      Todd Agnew - Wait For Your Rain Música y Letra



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