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      New Name

      New Name

      Todd Agnew

      Album: Reflection Of Something

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      Todd Agnew - New Name Música y Letra

      I was born with no chance at life
      Dead before I took my first breath
      I was born with no family ties
      Alone before I knew where I lived
      They called me broken, worthless, and a shame
      They called me wasted, used up, and chained
      But You made me Your child
      And You called me Your own
      Now they can call me,
      But they've got to use my new name
      I walked miles and couldn't find a home
      There was no place that I belonged
      I walked for days and days and weeks and years
      Couldn't find a melody for my song
      I don't need money, I don't need fame
      I don't need the love that this world can bring
      I don't need this prison, I don't need these chains
      I needed a Father, and Child is my new name

      Todd Agnew - New Name Música y Letra



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