Mis Listas de Música
      1. Prognosis Album Between Two Worlds

      2. I Love Music (ft. Sho Baraka) Album Southern

      3. Where Would I Be Album Messiah

      4. Holy Flow Album Messiah

      5. Get By Album Messiah

      6. Who You Rollin' Wit (Feat. Flame & Json) Album If They Only Knew

      7. More (Feat. Diamone) Album If They Only Knew

      8. Why Me (ft. Ambassador) Album Southern

      9. Twisted ft. Lecrae, Pro, Thi'sl Album Between Two Worlds

      10. Throw It Up Album Messiah

      11. Rise Album Rise

      12. No Worries Album Southern

      13. Can't Do Without Christ - Chopped and Screwed Album Messiah

      14. Endure Album Messiah

      15. Behold the Spirit Album 20 20

      16. All Rise Up Interlude Album Rise

      17. Beautiful Life 2 (Mine) Album Rise

      18. Lazarus (feat. Thi'sl) Album Rise

      19. Let 'Em Know Album If They Only Knew

      20. All Rise Up Album Rise

      21. Inexhaustable Album Southern

      22. Snitch Album Between Two Worlds

      23. Love Story Album Messiah

      24. Show's Over (ft. Mitch Parks) Album Southern

      25. Cling To You (ft. Shai Linne) Album Southern

      26. Apathy (interlude) Album Southern

      27. Why Me (Feat. Ambassador) Album If They Only Knew

      28. Show's Over ft. Mitch Parks Album Between Two Worlds

      29. Purity Album Messiah

      30. I Love Music ft. Sho Baraka Album Between Two Worlds

      31. Give Him Glory Album If They Only Knew

      32. Gotta Grow Album If They Only Knew

      33. Sweet Victory (feat. Dmitri Mcdowell & Leah Smith) Album Rise

      34. Die For Christ Album Messiah

      35. Who is Like Him Album 20 20

      36. Life 101 (ft. Chris Lee) Album Southern

      37. Eyes Open feat. JR Album 20 20

      38. Superstar Album 20 20

      39. True Security Album 20 20

      40. Satisfaction Album 20 20

      41. Ladies Album Messiah

      42. God Reigns Album Messiah

      43. Bonus Tracks Interlude Album Messiah

      44. Real Vision feat. Tedashii Album 20 20

      45. Life 101 ft. Chris Lee Album Between Two Worlds

      46. Snitch Album Southern

      47. Lookin' For Love (Feat. JR) Album If They Only Knew

      48. Call Us Crazy (Feat. Tedashii) Album If They Only Knew

      49. Covenant Eyes (ft. Pro) Album Southern

      50. No Worries Album Between Two Worlds

      51. Give You That Truth Album If They Only Knew

      52. Bear With You ft. Tedashii Album Between Two Worlds

      53. Cryin' Out Album If They Only Knew

      54. 20/20 Intro Album 20 20

      55. Follow The Crowd Album If They Only Knew

      56. Intimacy feat. Diamone Album 20 20

      57. Relief Album 20 20

      58. Manolo (feat. Lecrae) Album Rise

      59. We Told Em Album 20 20

      60. Cash Or Christ (Feat. Lecrae) Album If They Only Knew

      61. Dedicated Album Messiah

      62. Behold The Christ Album If They Only Knew

      63. Self Examination Album If They Only Knew

      64. Twisted (ft. Lecrae,Pro,Thisl) Album Southern

      65. Soldier Album Messiah

      66. King Like Mine Album Southern

      67. Freestyle Album Southern

      68. Let Everything Praise The LORD Album Messiah

      69. Invitation Album Messiah

      70. All My Love (feat. Natalie Lauren) Album Rise

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