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      Behold the Spirit

      Behold the Spirit

      Trip Lee

      Album: 20 20

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      Trip Lee - Behold the Spirit Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      I thought you already knew bruh
      Christ switched the rules up
      Dudes were tripping when they got a glimpse of truth the
      Moves that made was insane, His crew of
      Disciples, would later write it in the Bible the news of
      Jesus, the Word, but it seemed too absurd
      The majestic, in flesh with those He breathed from the Earth
      Now we've seen the Father clearer than we'd seen Him at first
      In His Son, He's the one, it was seen in His works
      The disciples had seen those days
      He said peace be still and the sea obeyed I'm so amazed
      They was attached to the King, ok
      But now He's telling them that soon He'll have to relocate
      Oh no, but that's no reason to grumble, complain
      In His name because He'll send another one of the same
      Another paraclete, comforter, advocate, teacher
      The helper, the one we have to get to get Jesus
      He's coming, it ain't like He ain't capable of nothing
      He'll convict the world of sin righteousness and judgment
      Plus there was much more to say, that He left out of the discussion
      But left it for the one who was coming
      Cause would guide them into truth, He would glorify the Christ
      He'd reveal to them dudes, about the Lord who died for life
      So they need not sleep on the divinity
      Of God the 3rd person of the trinity, the Spirit
      Behold the Spirit, He is One with our Maker
      Don't sleep (Don't sleep), He's the way the men meet the Savior (He's God)
      Behold the Spirit, He's eternal and everlasting
      Don't sleep (Don't sleep), He's the way the men meet the Master (He's God)
      [Verse 2:]
      Please let me speak on, person number 3 homes
      The one up in the trinity that most people sleep on
      But how could that be, you can't deny that they're one
      He has the same divine attributes as the Father and Son
      Many mistake His work and try say He ain't a person
      That's crazy, sounds to me like it's some false teaching lurking
      I'm assured that He's a person, don't stay asleep I'm burning
      Inside to tell you bout His personality and workings
      He's eternal, proceeding from the Father
      He has no beginning, that's prolly cause He's God bruh
      Hovers over the water, He worked within creation
      He always been without flaw He is perfect and amazing
      In the Old Testament, He was work at in God's people
      In Moses for example, that's the man that He would speak through
      And these dudes, Joshua, Gideon, and Samson
      Who granted Him the great strength? Yes the Holy Phantom
      Plus the prophets, who told cats the lamb would be coming
      Did it by the Spirit, now here of the planned King's coming
      He was conceived by the Spirit, anointed and filled
      He was led by the Spirit, and each time that He healed
      It was by Him, as well as Him resisting temptation
      He did it all by the Spirit, not to mention His raising
      Don't be a fool and sleep on the divinity
      Of God the third person of the trinity
      [Verse 3:]
      How does the Spirit work now? I could go on for days
      But I'll just give you a little bit and speak on some ways
      He came as Christ told, with new work on the Earth
      In Acts 2 at Pentecost peep the birth of the church
      The holy text that we read, was revealed by Him
      God breathed, and we can see that it's real by Him
      He illuminates it to, enables us to see
      He's how you can say it's true, we enabled to believe
      By His work, He regenerates though we depraved and thieves
      He rebirths us, let's praise Him the slaves are freed
      He's the Spirit of promise, He's the Spirit of truth
      You've been delivered from bondage, you will experience fruit
      He makes us want to seek Him, He leads us to Jesus
      He teaches, plus He intercedes for believers
      It seems that, hey most folks they are tripping
      Cause His name's been marred by much emotionalism
      The mark of His work isn't yelling and confusion
      It's fruit like we see in the text, and it's through Him
      Be content with His revealing, the Bible is closed
      His revelation is sufficient so abide in the scroll
      Many act crazy and and say it's Him, but hear this
      If don't match His Word, then it's not of the Spirit
      So be amazed and in awe of His divinity
      He's God, the third person of the trinity, the Spirit

      Trip Lee - Behold the Spirit Música y Letra



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