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      Cash Or Christ (Feat. Lecrae)

      Cash Or Christ (Feat. Lecrae)

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Cash Or Christ (Feat. Lecrae) Música y Letra

      Forget about the cash, Forget about the clothes
      Forget about the stash, Forget about the dough
      Forget about the cars, Forget about the rims
      Forget about dem stars, Forget about the benz
      Forget about the big crib, tryna get rich,
      The big six-fo, plenty dough and tryna sip chrys
      Forget the cash and chains, that stuff will pass away
      And you can't take it with you to yer after days
      [Trip Lee:]
      Most' concerned with the cheddar flow, but dawg I gotta let em know
      A lot of reasons we should be seeking Jesus instead of dough
      Instead of mo material things, the jewelry n fame
      I speak of the Kang, but most ain't feeling me main
      They would rather let they money stack, tryna get a hundred stack
      They pockets fat, but they not ready when Christ is coming back
      If they only knew the real truth about the comin wrath
      They would probably race to Him faster than a runnin' back
      I know the things the cheddar buys, will attract and catch the eyes
      Instead of ice, it'd be nice, if we would invest in life
      Instead of all that flashy stuff, tryna get our status up
      His wrath is just, so if we don't seek Him dawg then we outa luck
      What good is it to gain the world and in'da end lose ya soul?
      It's foolish bro, there's a lovin savior you can truly know
      I know you seeking satisfaction, you can't find it though
      Tryna dash for the cash and designer clothes
      Got money, got whips, got ice
      Still broke homeboy! No Christ
      Got a debt to pay, some real heavy wages
      And the payment for sin is pretty outrageous
      I seen him park the car, suicide do's
      Without Christ he walking through a suicide do'
      The dollar bill say in God we trust
      It's funny cause money is the only God we trust
      And she say that she a Christian, but I can't tell
      She ain't depending on God, she depend on man
      1 stack, 2 stack, 3 stack, fo
      They spent they whole life stacking up dough
      And when they die not a dimes gone go
      Now they physically rich, but they spiritually po'
      And they probably never heard of 1 Corinthians chapter fo'
      'Cause they said they can't imagine God's people being po' (whoa)
      [Trip Lee:]
      You might want you some change, yeah you might want a crib
      But tell me where the Bible say that Jesus want us rich?
      It says we should be content if we got food and clothin
      That's the truth and bro, we tripping really being foolish homie
      We shouldn't put no value on fallin screens and stylish chrome
      Even if you saved that stuff can't go with you when you back at home
      So allow me to encourage you, if you agree the Word is true
      You can only serve one Master, some of us is serving two
      'Can't serve God and cash, can't love the world and Christ
      Put money out ya mind, focus on eternal life
      'Can't speak from experience, I ain't seen it but I'm betting
      Treasures of this world ain't nothing next to the ones that's up in Heaven
      Feel free to store em up, since we found the Lord is just
      Amazing let us praise Him main and try to give Him more of us
      Let us live our life with Him, spend our days and nights with Him
      Ignore the trash the world has to offer and delight in Him

      Trip Lee - Cash Or Christ (Feat. Lecrae) Música y Letra



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