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      Follow The Crowd

      Follow The Crowd

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Follow The Crowd Música y Letra

      We will not bow down, we will not blend in
      We proud to stand out, we will not give in (oh)
      'Cause we don't wanna follow tha crowd
      Nah I said w'ain't tryna follow tha crowd
      W'ain't friends with the world 'cause this land is damned
      Plus sin and the world go hand in hand (oh)
      So we don't wanna follow tha crowd
      Nah I said w'ain't tryna follow tha crowd
      [Verse 1:]
      We know the world ain't tryna live for Christ
      They missin Christ, content with they sinful life
      Filled with pride, the truth of the fact they blind
      They can't get with God, He just in the back of they mind
      Straight livin' for themselves, they don't know the Lords better
      We wanna please Him but they livin' for they own pleasure
      Whatever feels good, man that's what they do
      And they don't wanna know God right now, they comfortable
      But as believers we should be strivin' for different stuff
      Not them princess cuts, but tryna lift Him up
      We got a passion for His glory, know right from wrong
      Step in the room, it's like they turned a light switch on
      They try to pull us back to they side
      Like, "What happened to you?" I just tell 'em the old me died
      And now that I'm alive, I gotta live in His ways
      Romans 8: 13, we puttin' sin in it's grave
      [Verse 2:]
      Hey bro this ain't the Boyz in the Hood
      Nah the 116 bring joy to ya hood
      Make noise for the good news of Jesus Christ
      We been freed and refuse not to be a light
      Plus we know a lot of folks gon' tell us
      If we choke off the smoke we gon' feel a lot better
      But we pass on the herb, go grab for the word
      We get stronger the faster we learn
      When them cats wanna pass the drank
      We like "Nah dog, " we don't even have to think
      If a girl walk by and they like, "Look at that!"
      We keep our eyes straight ahead we ain't lookin' back
      They try to pressure us back to the old ways
      No way, we ain't goin' back to them old days
      So when they ask, "You wanna do that playa?"
      All I gotta say is, "Nah I don't do that there!"
      [Verse 3:]
      We ain't in the club startin' stuff
      Temptin' ourselves, nah we don't hit them parties up
      'Cause if Christ ain't there, I don't wanna go either
      My focus ain't girls, I just wanna know Jesus
      Plus all they play is that same 'ol, same 'ol
      Drop it down, range rove, 24's, bank rolls
      And that's the opposite of our main goals
      My God is it, nobody cares if my wrist ain't cold
      They try to persuade us to give this up
      Like, "This ain't crunk, forget about that Christian stuff"
      But dog they don't understand, since He fixed us up
      On the inside, since we died, this IS us
      We stand out, it's not a chance you can mix us up
      If you hearin' this song I hope you listen up
      We grateful to be a light set apart from dark
      We stand firm, won't move like cars in park

      Trip Lee - Follow The Crowd Música y Letra



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