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      Give You That Truth

      Give You That Truth

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Give You That Truth Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      You probably wanna hear me spit bout cash
      Bout my chicks and the clips I'm a whip out fast
      Bout my whips, what I sip in a crystal glass
      You love this which makes the crucifix sounds bad
      But I don't trip, I let my light shine inside
      I work for Him everyday like a nine to five
      I'm gon ride with Christ, man to crime I died
      And for Him I get busy like my line was tied
      You probably wanna hear drugs and thugs
      Fun with bub and ya boy looking for love in clubs
      But nope! I already found some love above
      And we don't have to get smashed cause the Son was crushed
      You just might wanna hear about some major dough
      If that's the case move on, I preach the Savior bro
      I don't flow to boast of toting heat and pistols
      But to reach you and lead you to read epistles
      You might them folks that spit bout smoke and the clip they tote
      But we gon give you that truth
      Even though some bored when we talk about the Lord, we some soldiers at war
      We gon give you that truth
      You might want that cute tees and Timbaland boots 22's and coupes
      But we gon give you that truth
      We ain't talking bout change we liftin up His name, to die is gain
      We gon give you that truth
      [Verse 2:]
      How do you like your hip hop music?
      Some like it holy, some like it polluted
      Some like a clique like the 116
      That'll spit even if they don't make one cent
      I refuse to lie like most of these cats
      That do influence lives when they boast in they raps
      And make dudes choose lives where they toting the gats
      But Jehovah's where my hopes in I focus on that
      No sir, we don't rhyme bout guns and knives
      We look to Christ so we got the Son in our eyes
      So we can't but spit bout Christ
      Most hearts are cold that's probably why they spit bout ice
      This our life, submitting to the Spirit inside us
      We like some urban Spurgeons and lyrical Pipers
      We ain't got no songs spitting game to no girls
      But we preach da truth "Welcome to our world"
      [Verse 3:]
      They like, "Where the guns at dawg, where the weed at?"
      We like, "Kill that homeboy, we don't need that"
      Forget about the dough, 44's, and gats
      We been saved by the blood we gon boast in that
      And point folks to the Father, I hope they hear me flow
      And He brings them out of the grave like the thriller video
      Really bro I hope He uses the truth I spit
      And I don't care if I don't never get a Billboard hit
      We know the world might boo our tracks
      And would rather us pack it up and move on back
      But until I die, for Christ, yeah ya dude gon rap
      And glorify Him with my life, spit truth on tracks
      I bring Christ to blocks, I spit Christ in spots
      But girls I don't wanna see you drop it like it's hot

      Trip Lee - Give You That Truth Música y Letra



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