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      More (Feat. Diamone)

      More (Feat. Diamone)

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - More (Feat. Diamone) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      I see you as this miraculous Dad, and I can't get past this
      Your greatness surpasses the most that I could imagine
      Yo vast and fabulous status Lord, is more than magic
      The Lord my master, outlasting time and matter
      I'm prayin' Christ is flattered by this expression of love
      And can't wait to be resident of the Heavens above
      And live forever with' ya', this young fella's in love
      And I'm stayin faithful, you tell us that you jealous in love
      So I put no one before you, no, I can't ignore you
      I adore you, the Lord who is good, I need some more you
      You paid the price that I couldn't afford to
      And since you saved my life Lord I've begun to explore you
      And to see the things you capable of
      Yes, I'm embracin ya love, Father you faithful and just
      Yes, I'm saved by ya blood, and more than grateful for what
      You've given me by grace, Lord, I pray we stayin in touch
      I need more
      You proved your love to me
      You're all that I'll ever need
      And now my heart has come to see I need you
      More and more everyday
      Cause your grace is so amazing
      Your love is so inviting
      And now my heart has come to see I need you
      More and more everyday
      [Verse 2:]
      Lord, the world try to tell me that lovin you is wrong
      But I can't get enough of you, my love for you is strong
      For you it's no substitute, I'll run to you as long
      As you keep bein faithful, I know that won't change though
      I'm grateful for the Son, I'm in love with you for life
      Though I trouble you, won't trade you for nothin in this life
      You the king, so I praise you through trouble and the strife
      If you keep bein you, but yo, I know that you immutable
      So it's no fear, I'm confident in yo providence
      A lot of kids reject it, I accept it and it's obvious
      But I gotta give you credit, really to be honest
      I'm glad to say I'm ya bride, I know you'll stay by my side
      The great Savior that died, I was a slave you abolished it
      You got me, and you showed me yo Word, I vow to follow it
      I'm all up in yo grace and mercy, I'm honored to fall in it
      It's true I call on the sovereign ruler of all
      I need more
      [Verse 3:]
      Lord, I'm so pleased to live for your glory alone
      The Lord on the throne, I wanna get some more of you, Oh
      So glorious, I always got the Lord on my dome
      For sure sometimes I'm forced to hit the floor in a song
      To my knees in surrender, to Jesus my defender
      I'm so pleased that He sent ya, I'm redeemed and a friend to
      The King of kings, I can't believe it, I'm in love
      With you, more than a reason for Easter or Christmas
      [Vamp: x2]
      When I'm walking with you (More)
      Talking to you (More)
      In everything I say and do I need you
      You're what my hearts been lookin' for

      Trip Lee - More (Feat. Diamone) Música y Letra



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