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      Why Me (Feat. Ambassador)

      Why Me (Feat. Ambassador)

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Why Me (Feat. Ambassador) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Look I was born like the rest, from Adam's curse ruined
      Straight born into death, with my back turned to Him
      The facts are confusing, I'm a wretched man
      But He took me, held my hand, and my death was banned
      He could have let my sins stay and my transgressions stand
      But I've been selected, elected, predestined man
      The question stands, look what I do to deserve
      To be blessed with His plan, made new, and reserved
      Nothing. I was like the rest, born attracted to death
      Nah we ain't said it, but it's just what all our actions expressed
      'Cause although I ain't wanna bother with the Lord He spared me
      When I needed a Father, like orphan Annie
      He took me in, clothed me in His righteousness
      Fed me the fruit of the Spirit, now my life is His
      It's all grace, I don't deserve this relationship
      'Cause I ain't got nothing to give even my faith was a gift
      I don't deserve it, I'm worthless, but treated as perfect
      Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?
      I sin more than I wanna, but my sins are a goner
      Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?
      I was lost, but redeemed, then adopted and cleaned
      Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?
      I was a scrub, but this God let me run with His squad
      Why me? Why me? Why me? Why me?
      [Verse 2: Ambassador]
      You can ask the question, why our God would let men
      Take His Son, make Him a naked one just to crush Him
      We could all inquire, why a God this high up
      Would stoop so low to scoop a whole crew from holding fire
      We can pontificate, sipping on lemonade
      Chilling 'cause our bill of sin was long, but dawg it was payed
      Or we can shrug it off, not even bug at all
      Off the fact we should have been attached to that rugged cross
      That's just what it cost, I'm moved by what it cost
      Refuse to be like dudes unmoved with thuggish walks
      They like to disregard this, they like to diss the God that's
      Coming back never to fade to black like Mr. Carter
      And it's a shame 'cause the scripture is plain
      With you and me Yahweh got beef like 50 and Game
      We're shifty as Cane, only Jesus emptied His veins
      So now you only got one choice out of a list full of names
      [Verse 3: Trip Lee]
      It's truly His grace that did it all, His righteous mercy
      Prepared beforehand for glory? Nah I ain't worthy
      He treated Christ like me and He gave Him death
      He's treating me like Christ man, He gave me breath
      I could have easily been one that feening for sin
      That's leading me in to death and catch heat in the end
      But He chose me, He showed me, He ordered my steps
      Man what a privilege to be one of the Lord's elect
      If it wasn't for you Trip, I wouldn't be tripping on this
      'Cause we'll get about as far as a car sitting on bricks
      'Cause why He did it was... Ah forget it
      I don't know why, I ain't shy I'll admit it
      So Trip, I don't even question it
      So I'll go on and rest in this for sin I was in union
      But now I'm free like a Russian is
      Now I trust in this {Jesus}, now the lesson is
      Run hard for God to a beat like a percussion is

      Trip Lee - Why Me (Feat. Ambassador) Música y Letra



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