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      Young & Unashamed (Feat. Cam)

      Young & Unashamed (Feat. Cam)

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Young & Unashamed (Feat. Cam) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      Hey when they see ya boy, what's they first impression?
      Probably not a teen redeemed from the worst transgressions
      That's repented from the path of His first ancestors
      Was cursed but since rebirth this person's dressed in
      The glorious righteousness of Christ
      They probably think I'm on the stage 'cause I like the mic
      Or like to get hype, but really I'm laid back main
      But sometimes could lose my mind if you say that name
      (Who?) Jehohah Jireh, my soul's provider
      Life without Him's a contradiction like bein' poor with Prada
      I done wrote a lot of flows, in my soul's a fire
      That shut up in my bones, ah my soul desire
      Is for some slick guys to the know the Lord He died
      But still the Son did rise like it was mornin' time
      So if you think you fully satisfied with a vette with chrome
      You better check yourself like playin' chess alone
      I'm a stranger, is Earth really my residence? Nope
      I'm a alien and I can't wait to rest at home
      My dress ain't always fresh to def I ain't impressed with clothes
      But Christ, He's the key to life dog and death's the door (and rebirth)
      Since the moment I believed, my flesh was broke
      Sin lost it's control and death it's hold
      So maybe now you'll understand and get up in ya brain
      Why ya boy so young and unashamed
      [Verse 2:]
      They don't associate ya boy with Christ Jesus kid
      'Cause I got my hat cocked and my jeans is big
      No suit and tie, tall tees and kicks
      But you ain't gotta be a geek to preach that Jesus lives
      So it's almost strange when they see me hit tha street blocks
      'Cause with my life I copy Christ like a Xerox
      No heat cocked, I roll with the Lord and
      With a team full of Saints like I play for New Orleans
      We hold each other accountable when seekin sound doctrine
      Through Christ we been found not guilty without Cochran
      We kingdom people selected to rep His name
      Forget bout cheddar main, Christ is the better thing
      I don't let no weapon hang, I don't roll with thugs
      That's holdin drugs and spendin all they dough in clubs
      I roll with a gang of believers that's crazy for Jesus
      That's saved from the flames and unashamed of His teachings
      Cats be like, "You just a baby, how you know about the Lord?"
      To know Jehovah at His core we had to open up our swords
      We read His word on a daily, His inspired text
      And submit to the Spirit dog, we died to flesh
      I confess, they tell us that our youth is bein wasted
      Instead of jewels up in a bracelet, we speak truth each time we make hits
      So maybe now it's stuck up in ya brain
      Why the 116 is so young and unashamed
      [Verse 3:]
      Cats don't really understand, they think I lost my mind
      They hood on they back, but I rock a cross on mine
      Walk with Christ in light, blood bought plus I'm
      Not dark as night, I'm light because I sought His shine
      I was livin' for today, was always caught in crimes
      Bout guilty as O.J., my talk and walk declined
      The Boss of time and space, but I put that to rest man
      I saw my old life, it wasn't right like my left hand
      Now He orders my steps and with Him is how I walk bro
      Got off the highway to Hell and I took the cross roads
      Now I'm walkin with Christ, what beautiful thing
      It's cooler than fame, more precious than jewelry and chains
      Most think God is just old school like Kool and the Gang
      They wanna be like Jeezy, Jay-Z and Ludacris main
      But I'm here today to say that if you want a greater day
      Don't fade away, cling to Christ and His amazing savin grace
      If you a Christian who accepted the King and you clean
      We gotta move, the Lord is pleased when we play on His team
      I hope young believers understand, I pray it's in ya brain
      If we love the Lord we must be young and unashamed

      Trip Lee - Young & Unashamed (Feat. Cam) Música y Letra



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