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      Mystery (Hidden Things)

      Mystery (Hidden Things)

      Vous Worship

      Album: So God Came to Us

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      Vous Worship - Mystery (Hidden Things) Música y Letra

      Oh the wisdom of the Father's heart
      Oh the depths of your unfailing love
      Oh the comfort in my Savior's arms
      That I would run to where you called me
      And I know the future
      Is still unseen
      The depths of your wisdom
      No mind conceived
      But I find my footing
      In mystery
      The hidden things
      What's yet to be
      Revealed in me
      Oh the beauty of the Father's word
      Oh the destiny in him confirmed
      Oh the strength within my Savior's hands
      That I would walk in what you've promised
      Set a fire within us
      Through your Spirit bring to life
      Breathe your dreams within us
      That we may know your heart
      Give us eyes to see it
      The wisdom of the mind of God
      Hidden things within us
      That we would know your touch
      Send your word before us
      Let your power break the chains
      Open doors within us
      That we may move in grace
      Spirit move around us
      Let your love prepare the way
      Jesus you are for us
      We want to see your face
      Oh the goodness of the Father's gift
      Oh the joy of life now truly lived
      Oh the color in my Savior's mind
      The mind of Christ that you have given me
      And now I stand in who you made me

      Vous Worship - Mystery (Hidden Things) Música y Letra



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